Terms and Conditions

Exchanges & Returns. Merchandise purchased from SJM cannot be returned for a refund. However, our “Trade Till Thrilled” exchange program permits you to exchange merchandise purchased from us under certain conditions. If you are not satisfied with jewelry purchased from us, we will do our best to modify, alter, or fit the jewelry (collectively, “modify”) to your satisfaction, as long as the retail value of the modifications of the jewelry is less than 10% of the jewelry’s purchase price, or $350, whichever is less; if you request modifications costing more than this, you must pay the difference. If you prefer, you may exchange the unsatisfactory jewelry toward another piece of jewelry of the same or greater value, and pay the difference. We will not exchange jewelry more than 30 days after the initial purchase, except that jewelry purchased during November and December and intended as a gift may be exchanged up until the last day of the following January, if you notify us at the time of the purchase that the jewelry is intended as a gift and we note your receipt accordingly. We will not exchange jewelry purchased through layaway, custom jewelry, or jewelry that has been modified or altered. Exchanged jewelry must be in original, unworn condition, and accompanied by its original packaging, warranty cards, booklets, and any other information or accessories you may have received with the jewelry. Gift certificates may not be returned.

Special Orders. Special orders are not returnable or exchangeable. All special orders require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the purchase price, or $500.00, whichever is greater. A special order includes any jewelry, gemstones, or gift items ordered at a customer’s request.

Layaways. Articles may be placed on layaway for a maximum of 120 days with a minimum deposit of 20% of the total purchase price. Additionally, you must pay at least 20% of the purchase price every 30 days, or the layaway will be canceled. For any layaway canceled more than 30 days after the original layaway, the merchandise will be returned to our stock, you must pay a 10% restocking fee and the cost of any alterations which may have been made at your request, and any balance remaining due to you will be issued in the form of a store credit only; all of this may be done without notice to you. Sale items may not be placed on layaway. We reserve the right to refuse to layaway merchandise, at our discretion. Completed layaways are not returnable or exchangeable.

Custom Work. Custom-designed jewelry includes any metal, gems, or labor furnished by SJM at your request. You must pay a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the estimated purchase price before we will begin work on any custom-designed jewelry. Because of its custom nature, custom-designed jewelry is not returnable or exchangeable. We will use our best efforts to accurately produce or manufacture any custom-designed jewelry ordered by you. You must pay for custom-designed jewelry in full upon receipt of the merchandise. We will gladly make additional minor alterations or adjustments of custom-designed jewelry at a modest fee or at no charge, at our discretion, and depending on the extent of work involved in making the additional alterations.

Servicing and Cleaning. We will clean your jewelry (ultrasonic and steam cleaning) and inspect settings free of charge. We recommend cleaning and inspection of all jewelry be performed at least every 6 months. While we inspect your jewelry before we clean it, we are not responsible for any loss of stones due to worn prongs or settings which may occur during cleaning.

Colored Gemstone Enhancement Disclosure. Most natural colored gemstones are enhanced by one or more traditionally accepted trade enhancement processes from the time they are extracted from the earth. These enhancements are designed to improve color, clarity and/or stability. All colored gemstones listed on the front of this sales slip are assumed to have been subject to a stable and possibly undetectable enhancement process using standard gemological equipment. In some cases, highly sophisticated instrumentation generally found only in research laboratories may be required to detect enhancements. See an SJM jewelry associate for more details.

White Gold Enhancement Disclosure. The color in some white gold pieces is achieved by finishing the piece with rhodium or some other treatment. This treatment is not permanent, and the color in white gold pieces may change as the treatment wears off.

Titanium Disclosure. Rings made of titanium cannot be cut off the finger using standard ring cutters; therefore, use extreme caution when wearing a ring made of titanium and performing any activity in which there is a risk of a hand injury.

Trade or Barter. If we agree to the trade or barter of any jewelry, additional or different terms and conditions may apply to such a transaction, which will be noted on this receipt or on other sales paperwork at the time of completion of the trade or barter.

Terms and Conditions. I have received a copy of St. John & Myers Inc.’s Terms and Conditions, and have read and understood them. I agree that SJM is not bound by any other policies, expressed or implied, other than those in the Terms and Conditions and in this document.

Repair Take-In. I agree that the approximate value and descriptions of the item(s) listed are correct, and accept the following terms and conditions. This store, including its employees, accepts no responsibility for the condition or identification of jewelry or stones upon receipt. Items are submitted to this store for repair only and this store will not act as an insurer of the items I give to them for repair. Responsibility for loss, theft, or damage is accepted by this store only when due to their negligence.

Center Stone Warranties. SJM cannot be responsible for the loss of the center stone, or any primary stone, from any item we sell or repair. Please consult your insurance agent for information about how to ensure your important pieces of jewelry against such a loss, or any other mishap. If you do not have a relationship with an agent, we will be happy to make recommendations to you. We will, upon request, be happy to provide you with an appraisal of any item that we sell.

Gemstone Damage Disclaimer. SJM uses special care in the handling and setting of gemstones, but cannot be responsible for any damage that may occur in such handling or setting. Further, SJM cannot be responsible for the damage attributed to enhancement processes or treatments (known or unknown), for pressure or heat-sensitive stones, or stones with fractures, as there is an inherent risk of handling and setting them.