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Have you recently come into estate jewelry that you don’t have much use for? Are you interested in parting ways with that estate jewelry so that someone else can truly enjoy it the way that it should be enjoyed? If so, then you have come to the right place.

St. John and Myer Jewelry is the leading estate jewelry buyer in Lexington, KY. In fact, we are the only estate jewelry buyer within a 300 mile radius of our area. We have a passion for vintage, antique and estate jewelry and we specialize in buying these pieces.

When you bring your estate jewelry to St. John & Myers Jewelry, you can rest assured that you will receive the fairest offers and the best prices for your item. We offer immediate payment for the pieces that we purchase, and we will purchase more than one item from you at a time; we will purchase an entire lot.

We know that there are many place that offer to purchase estate jewelry, and we also know that a lot of these places don’t offer fair prices and their purchases often have hidden fees. When you choose St. John & Myers Jewelry as your estate jewelry buyer, there are never any hidden fees and there certainly aren’t any risks. We believe that honesty and integrity go a long way and define your business. That is why we pride ourselves in being completely open and honest with your customers by offering them the fairest appraisals and no risks.

For all of your estate jewelry buying needs in Lexington, KY, there is only one place to go – St. John & Myers Jewelry. And, while you’re here, you may also be interested in looking through our extensive collection of high-end vintage pieces.


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