Royal Treatment

royal treatment 01

Set up an appointment for a private showing,
and we will show you the 
“Royal Treatment.”

All of our jewelry at St. John & Myers is one of a kind, and we want the experience of selecting your special piece to be just as memorable.

 When you arrive, the first thing you might notice is that you are the only people in the salon and there is a closed sign on the door. That’s because the salon is closed to everyone else. You have the undivided attention of founders Louis and Olivia Scholz. Collectively, they have more than 35 years of experience in jewelry.

Now take in the full scene with all your senses. There’s music playing – you and your special someone’s favorite music, in fact. On the counter is a bottle of chilled champagne and decadent treats. They are for you. And, yes, that is fresh flowers you smell. They just add to the ambiance of a special time.

Now comes the important part. With a glass of champagne in hand, take a quick glimpse inside each of the cases. They are brimming with unique antique and period jewelry, but not just any jewelry. They contain a featured collection personally selected for you and your loved one based on your jewelry consultation.

Settle in and enjoy yourself. Try on the jewelry. Enjoy the food. Sway to the music. This is just the first of many memories you will make with the one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry you select.

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