1880 Victorian Gold Filled Garnet Bangle Bracelet


1880 Victorian Gold Filled Garnet Bracelet Bangle
⁃1880 Victorian
⁃Gold Filled
⁃279 Round Cut Garnet
⁃26.69 grams
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This 1880 Victorian bangle bracelet is gold filled and covered in beautiful garnet. The bangle contains 279 round cut garnets around the full exterior of the bracelet, except for the clasp. The bangle also has a a chain connecting both ends of the clasp to ensure the bracelet does not come further than the bracelet will fall off if the clasp comes undone. The garnets have a fiery red hue that dances in the light and changes shades of light to dark when as the lighting changes. The quality craftsmanship and beautiful garnet ensure this bangle will stylish and in great condition for many years to come